Chef Christian Graze appeared on the Bay Area culinary scene in 2008. Living in and exploring many diverse countries during his childhood (from the U.K. to Spain, Thailand to Ecuador) shaped his love of spice and comfort foods of the world.

He is an avid wilderness food forager and even leads foraging excursions.

“Foraging has always dovetailed with my fondness for camping and exploration. The most memorable meals I can recall have all been around a campfire with good friends.”

Christian Graze is an experienced and awarded Chef with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurant and catering industries, specializing in Southern Spanish and Moroccan cuisines with a vegetarian sub-specialty.

Christian is skilled in Menu Engineering, Event Logistics, Training, Recipe Creation, Foraged Ingredients & Foraging, Mycology, Catering, Food & Beverage, Food Cost Analysis, and Cooking. He graduated with BFA from University of The Arts, and a PA focused on Sports Nutrition from Solano Community College.