Baxtalo (Romani for Good Fortune)

It's lunchtime, the sky is blue and bright, laughter and flamenco guitar travel on the breeze with the rich scent of spices...


Under a starlit sky, the moon is bright, there’s the beat of drums, the aroma of exotic food. You follow your senses to a tent glowing with the light of glass lanterns…

No matter how your story begins, Baxtalo is a transporting experience.

Baxtalo is a touring open-air restaurant (well, in our handcrafted tent), a cirque of food, with live music and dancing. Shoes and troubles are checked at the entrance. Communal style dining and seating with reclining encourage conversation and shared experience. Diners enjoy nine courses while enjoying talented musicians and dancers.

Space will be provided for dancing and will be encouraged.

Menus and musical guests will alter based on the current winery, event, or location with recurring favorites like our from scratch couscous, Bastilla, Clay Baked Seabass, Moorish Fava Beans, and of course Paella.

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