For our Wine Estate Clients

C.M.S. can give you a powerful tool to help you simplify your operation, and increase sales. Having C.M.S. is like having a Chef, Kitchen Manager, Concierge, and Grocery Delivery service all at your fingertips. We know that in hospitality consistency and timing are critical to keeping people satisfied. No matter if it is running out to the store for some forgotten item, scrambling to get extra staff, or throwing together a small V.I.P. event at the last minute; this can be stressful, and take the focus from your main goal: wine.

We specialize in keeping low-cost unique snacks that pair with your wine in the tasting room, and appropriate resale food items such as our popular wine country picnic baskets that you pair and sell in your gift shop.

We work directly for you and for a flat fee based on the size and nature of the event. Unlike a traditional caterer we can then negotiate the food procurement, rentals etc. on your behalf, at close to cost, or you can arrange it separately. This allows you to run and bill your own small catered affairs, tailored specifically to your wineries image, or your imagination. All without the overhead of a in house operation, or the hassle and mark-up of a traditional catering company.

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