Marrakesh Nights

This is a traditional Moroccan Style meal.

Inspired by my time in Spain and Morocco, and the lingering yet profound influence it has had on Spanish and regional cuisine. Served with multiple courses family-style, to bring about conversation and community, it is intended to be eaten with the (right) hand. We will provide towels and Rose-water for hand-washing between each course. There are many variations of this menu, including a Vegan one. Simply let me know.

Mzoura Salad

Heirloom Carrots, Harissa Chili Paste, Toasted Sesame

Moorish Fava Beans

(Mashed Fava Beans / Olive Oil / Lemon And Basil

Eggplant Mezze

Garlic Confit, Curry, Tahini

Cous Cous With Dates And Pine Kernals

Rash Al Hanout, Fresh Lemon

Tangine Of Lamb

Nigella Spice, Almonds, Pomegranite Molasses


Ahi And Olives

(Lightly Poached Ahi Tuna With Lemon Honey And Olives)


Buffalo Kefta With Tunisian Tomato Sauce

Assam Chili Blend, Cinnamon


Tangine Of Chicken With Lemon And Mint

Saffron Broth


Cinnamon, Roast Chicken, Farm Egg, Flaky Crust

Sweet Finish

Halva And Honeyed Fruit With Sweet Mint Tea