Rustic Asadora BBQ

I have several homemade Asadora style charcoal ovens, which I can prepare the ultimate in BBQ.

The Asadora allows me to slowly and evenly roasts whole Pigs, Lamb, even Seabass and Halibut. There is nothing quite like have groups of friends and family, some picnic tables, and a bounty of farm fresh food, to create a summers day picnic you will always remember! 
The oven takes 6 hours approximately depending on weather, and the top half is used to prepare the side items. 
Everything is laid out in a communal feast buffet style.

You can also Add a Paella to this menu (the Paella pan works perfectly on the Asadora to make a truly epic feast!) 
See the "Paella menu" for types.

Choose One (Seasonality May Apply)

Niman Or Pratchett Ranch Pig
Fruitwood Smoked / Citrus Mojo
Niman Ranch Lamb
Juniper And Herb Crust 
Bull Roast
Tomahawk Ribs / Garlic Confit 
Coastal Halibut
Tomato Caper Nicoise 
Local White Seabass
Chorizo Fennel And Meyer Lemon 

Sides (Choose 4)

Roasted Sweet Corn Elote
Chili/Lime/Cojiba Cheese
Cactus And Blue Corn Posole
Hearth Roasted Summer Squash With Molly Pratt Glaze
Braised Garden Greens With Cider Redux
Fennel And Orange Salad
Roasted Beet Salad
Wild Arugula With Seasonal Berries And Candied Almond
Heirloom Caprese Salad 
Rosemary Baby Potatoes
"Skins On" Mashed Heirloom Potatoes
Saffron Rice
Coconut Rice
Harrissa Pickles
Heirloom Black Beans
Corn Bread
Artisan Breads
Pasta (Your Choice)